Chloe Wise: Making Art with a Tongue in Her Cheek

The next femme from our Milk Made x FRANK series is multicultural, multidisciplinary, multimedia artist Chloe Wise. Hailing from Canada but now based out of NYC, Chloe has an uncanny knack for biting commentary on organized religion and the fashion industry at large, highlighted by her Bread Bags series which incorporates pancakes and challah bread into Chanel and Louis Vuitton accessories. This series bridges the gap between painting and sculpture, but she also works actively in video and digital art, liberally toying with established ideals of consumerism and femininity. We chatted with Chloe to get inside her bitingly sardonic head.

Name: Chloe Wise

Age: 24

Occupation: Multimedia artist

Where are you from? Canada

You’re such an incredibly multi-talented artist, it’s kind of hard to choose one medium you use that we love most. Is there one project or style you prefer over the others?

Thank you! No! They’re all equally important and enjoyable, and each medium informs the others. To me they’re all imperative facets of one large practice.

Being Jewish seems to play a huge role in a lot of your work, could you tell us a bit more about how that plays into your creative process?

Judaism is my entry point into a larger discussion regarding religion, or any sort of rules and regulations in general. Religious laws, like kashrut (being kosher), are followed blindly and are often arbitrary and sometimes even nonsensical. I think it’s important to rethink these laws, and step back to reconsider and view in perspective the hypocrisy inherent to religion. I also seek to compare religion to the following of trends or the gospel of the entertainment industry.

The Literally Me series is another huge favorite of ours. What inspired you to start that one, and what do you think of the ‘selfie phenomenon’ in general?

I don’t have an opinion regarding the ‘selfie phenonmenon,’ it just is a part of our period in time and a result of the increasing democratization of self-representation, AKA it is what it is. This series is an attempt to draw parallels between selfies and the greater history of self-portraiture in art, namely portrait painting. There are a lot of gendered stigmas regarding women who partake, and to me that is more of a problem than people choosing to represent themselves in any particular way. In this series, I painted myself every day in some weird outfit in order to represent the fluidity and immediacy with which we document our existence in the digital paradigm. I had a lot of fun! And I suppose I hope to provoke people to reassess their own perceptions of narcissism.

Describe (your idea of) femininity in three words:

Femininity is doing whatever whenever cause you’re a GIRL and that’s what’s up.

Who’s your all-time favorite style icon or influence? Could be any person, place, or thing.

My mom and/or Donatella Versace.

Photography by Adrian Mesko

Creative Direction by Paul Bui

Styled by Miyako Bellizzi

Hair by Eloise Cheung

Make Up by Yacine Diallo

Stay tuned for more features from our Milk x Frank collaboration, check out the new issue of Frank 151 to see them all in print

Visit Chloe’s website here

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