7 Things We Learned About Tavi Gevinson at Vulture Fest

At just 13 years old, Tavi Gevinson made waves when she was invited to sit front row at a Dior couture show. While not everyone was initially sold by the idea of a 13 year old fashion blogger, over the years, Tavi has managed to prove any one who has ever doubted her wrong. Hailing from a suburb of Chicago, Gevinson was once just another bored tween with internet access, but unlike the rest of us who wasted away our days online, the former Style Rookie and now fashion veteran has become a formidable force in just about every art form. From starring on Broadway in This Is Our Youth, to modeling for her BFF and roommate Petra Collins to creating her own online and print magazine Rookie — there is seriously nothing that this 19 year old can’t do. This past weekend, Tavi gave a talk at the Vulture Festival, a self-described ‘pop-culture extravaganza’ that took place here at Milk Studios, where we learned 7 fun facts about the talented teen.

Tavi wants to be present:

She stopped journaling during her role as Jessica in This Is Our Youth on Broadway to try and be more present. She explained, "self-awareness, or trying to be aware of the world through writing like I was used to, can become self consciousness." Although she still has a private diary filled with thoughts that she doesn’t share online, she’s stopped journaling as much and only writes down important things.

How do you cure your social anxiety? Just pay attention:

While acting in This Is Our Youth on Broadway last year, the playwright, Kenneth Lonergan, taught her to ‘let it happen’ — to be authentic and respond honestly. Since then, she’s embraced this advice as a means to cure social anxiety. Her take: "pay attention to the things outside of you instead of looking inward so much."

On The Satorialist drama:

"Fashion does not start at a a certain age", claims Tavi — and we couldn’t agree more. After being approached about the Satorialist’s comments, she asked the audience, "Why would a middle aged man’s opinion on fashion be more relevant than a teenage girls?" Her answer: "men feel threatened by young women."

Despite her days as a fashion blogger, the 19 year old doesn’t keep up with fashion as much anymore:

She says it’s not about fashion, it’s about personal style. And how do you find your personal style? According to Tavi, you need to "lose yourself in a lot of work and take things in and when you come back to yourself, whatever sticks is your style". Her advice: "to find something that is really you, [don’t] try to stand out because that’s kind of impossible now."

On Taylor Swift:

Although Tavi states that, "When I first got into her music, I did feel like it was somehow at odds with my feminism", she now can say that Swift has not only embraced herself as a feminist, but also sees how her music reflects her growth. According to Tavi, Taylor’s first few albums featured antiquated and gendered ideas of love, her next few albums were about how those boys did her wrong, and after a break from dating, her latest album is a reflection on how nothing can be black and white.

She’s not going to college— for now:

"Now is just not that time, because I have a responsibility that I also really love doing." Although she was supposed to start college this fall, the Rookie girl decided to hold off on that plan. Tavi wants to be dedicated to Rookie Mag right now, but when she’s ready to dedicate her time to school, she will.

On Stevie Nicks being her ‘career parent’:

Nicks invited her to a show in Chicago after seeing her Ted Talk where Tavi famously exclaimed ‘Just Be Stevie Nicks!’ The Fleetwood Mac frontwoman not only dedicated ‘Landslide’ to her, but also later, when Tavi brought a boy to her show, told him to take good care of Tavi, but to not be too careful.

Check out the full talk here

Photos courtesy of Getty and Vulture

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