Rare Beatles Cover w/ Decapitated Babies in Vinyl Library

Hipsters everywhere – rejoice! Your music nerdiness can now be satiated without breaking the bank, but only if you happen to live in South Korea. There is a new, three level ‘vinyl library’ opening up in Seoul. The collection will contain over 10,000 rare and collectible vinyls, from The Sex Pistol’s God Save the Queen to the controversial Robert Whitaker ‘butcher’ cover of The Beatles Yesterday and Today, which features the UK rockers surrounded by bloodied baby doll parts. The record (which once sold on eBay for over $15,000) is one the most high valued pressings in the library.

The library has been created by Korean credit card company HyundaiCard, which has done other initiatives like this in the past. The building, named Music Library + Understage, is located in Seoul’s Hannam-dong district. On the two above ground floors of the library, the vinyls will be accompanied by six record players throughout the library, and over 3,000 different books focused on music and vinyl specifically. Not to mention the company managed to snag a print copy of every single issue of Rolling Stone for their catalogue. The most exciting part of the building is its basement, which has been renovated into a performance space for events and indie bands to come jam. We’re all about the vintage hits and OG vinyls, but not breaking the bank to buy new ones every week is awesome too.

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