Oculus Rift Music Videos are Here Thanks to Björk

Back in March, Iceland’s one and only Björk premiered the video for ‘Stonemilker’ off her latest album Vulnicura as part of her exhibition at MoMa PS1. Almost three months later, the groundbreaking 360 degree video is finally getting an international release (thanks YouTube) and we are eternally grateful.

The music video, directed by long-time collaborator Andrew Huang, is one of the first to utilize the virtual reality technology Oculus Rift. Filming for the video was done on the beaches of Grotta, Iceland (where she wrote the song) and was completed in only 2 hours.The end result is trippy – while Björk sings in that highly discernible pixie voice of hers, the viewer is able to shift the camera for a engulfing 360 effect that occasionally features multiple Björks. If only.

“It immediately rang true for me as that location has a beautiful 360 panoramic view which matches the cyclical fugue like movement in the song. If the song has a shape it is sort of like a circle that just goes on forever,” the artist wrote in a statement.

While many people struggle to connect art and technology, Björk seems to have mastered the craft seamlessly and the results are glowing. After the release of her app-album, Biophilia, back in 2011 and all the new interactive endeavors for Vulnicura, it’s clear that she’ll continue to push these boundaries in a way that is entirely her own.

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