In honor of his new Party Monster vid, peep these four music video fashion lessons from projects past.



4 Important Style Lessons From The Weeknd's Music Videos

If there was ever any doubt as to The Weeknd’s ranking in the land of sartorial greats, one needn’t look further than his latest forays into the fashion landscape: most recently, with the one and only Alexander Wang, and prior to that, as the star of Kanye’s Yeezy campaign circa 2015. There’s an unavoidable magnetism that surrounds this Canadian artist, and, if current trends continue, it follows that we’re soon to witness even more music video style moments that slay for years to come.

In honor of “Party Monster”, peep these four style lessons we’ve taken from some of The Weeknd’s most epic music videos to date.

Leather Jackets Have no Equal

There’s a good argument to be made that the easiest (albeit, not the most wallet-friendly) way to elevate your wardrobe is with one simple purchase: the leather jacket. And whether he’s channeling straight ‘80s vibes in “Party Monster” or repping current day in “Starboy”, it never looked better than it does here:

Black is The New Black

The Weeknd basically alternates between a black silk bomber and a black denim jacket; either way, the style lesson persists: black is the new black (and it was two years ago, too, as seen in “Can’t Feel My Face”). If you’re looking for an always-reliable color to ground your wardrobe in the most classic sense, this is it.

When Nobody Knows Your Name, a Signature ‘do Helps

The Weeknd spent his first few years in the spotlight sporting a huge hairstyle that became his signature look—and all that peacocking? It worked. After permanent stardom was obtained, the mane was gone, replaced with a appropriately-chill (and no longer huge) ‘do that let his music take center stage. Exhibit A? “Tell Your Friends” circa 2015 (one year prior to the chop).

Know When It’s Your Time to Shine (& When it Isn’t)

Every style star knows when the spotlight wants him, but fewer know when to step aside. The Weeknd masters this delicate balance, demonstrating that even the most prolific of artists must occasionally step back. Case in point: The VS Fashion Show. Here, The Weeknd dresses again in all black, and lets the music (and the models) do all the talking.

Featured image via XO and Republic Records

Stay tuned to Milk for more music video style stalking.

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