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4 Natural Hair Beauty Hacks For Summer

It’s no secret that natural hair has reclaimed its rightful throne on the panel of beauty gods and goddesses, and this season’s lust-worthy locks are surely just a taste of what’s to come. Whether you’re pining after the perfect OSHUN dread, would kill for green tresses à la Liana Bank$, or prefer to channel a sleeker Aaliyah-inspired look, it’s all about embracing what makes you, you.

That said, hair is no easy beast to tame, especially when it’s hot, the days are long, and our IDGAF attitudes often win out over creating a ~look~. So, instead of venturing into uncharted territory solo, we decided to enlist the expert help (and cute AF vibes) of sister beauty bloggers Damaris and Priscella Guillen of VaVaVoom Curls. See below for your definitive guide to mastering this summer‘s natural hair goals (achievable for even the most inexperienced of beauty gurus).

Pigtail Buns:Step one: Part your hair with a tail comb down the middle.

Step two: Use your favorite hair product and apply it to whichever side you want to start with (you might want to dampen your hair a bit).

Step three: Use a hard brush to smooth your hair, and once you have it in a ponytail, begin to twist your hair until you get it into a bun. Tie with a scrunchie or hair tie.

Pineapple:Step 1: Pull your hair towards the top of your head, sweeping your ponytail towards your forehead. 

Step 2: Feel free to smooth your fly-aways with favorite gel or curl creme.

Step 3: Tie up with a elastic, and that’s how you get a pineapple ponytail! 

3 Bun Mohawk:
Step one: Apply the hair product of your choice to your entire head (make sure your hair is damp enough, but not fully wet).

Step two: Begin to section your hair into three parts with the tail comb. (the lines don’t have to be perfect, but make sure they’re straight enough).

Step three: Start with the top bun—brush your hair until it’s smoothed out and begin to form your bun. Repeat until you get to the last one. And remember: your hair tie is your friend.

Classic Pony:Step one: Pull your hair towards the back of your head, making sure there’s no bumps or loops.

Step two: Sweep your gathered hair into a scrunchie and tie back. Voila!

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