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4 Things We’ll Be Looking For in The Upcoming Tupac Biopic

On what would have been his 46th birthday, Tupac Shakur will be receiving yet another artistic homage to his legacy: a tell-all (and aptly named) biopic entitled All Eyez On Me. Slated for release on June 16, the documentary is said to spare no detail in its mission to tell the story of how one man became the voice of a hip hop generation and will likely even further cement all the reasons the world refuses to let go of his memory.

In the spirit of anticipation, we’ve rounded up all the things we hope to see in the final cut. Because while we alternate between patiently waiting and binge-watching all of Tupac’s other epic movies, our best guesses will just have to do. Read up below and will them into existence.

An Elaboration on 2Pac’s Literary Genius 

He’s been hailed a pioneer of rap poetry, and if there’s a worthy successor to the throne, we’ve yet to meet him. From the “Holler If Ya Hear Me” rallying cry to the softer “Dear Mama,” and the ever-somber “Life Goes On” (played at many a funeral since the rapper’s own death in 1996), not one word goes wasted in his quest for poetic perfection. Here’s hoping All Eyez On Me expands even further on the secret to this rapper’s verbal mastery. 7bd1199Afeni Shakur

Though the mother of the legend passed away last May, we’re hoping the producers include Afeni Shakur in the film’s DNA as she was an integral part of the rise of Tupac’s own political sentiment. As an activist and active member of the Black Panthers, Afeni left quite the impression on her son—one that stayed with him throughout his short-lived career. afeni-shakur-black-and-white-1503x1000His East Harlem Childhood And Eventual West Coast Allegiance

Tupac’s loyalty was famously tied to the West Coast hip hop scene, but his childhood was actually spent in east Harlem, where he was born and raised. How did the east versus west rap war develop? What happened to his friendship-turned-rivalry with The Notorious B.I.G.? Questions we’d love All Eyez On Me to answer (or at least explore).pacA Keisha Morris Appearance 

As his first and only wife, Keisha Morris could quite possibly hold the keys to some of 2Pac’s deepest and darkest secrets. The catch? She’s essentially avoided the press since her interview in the 2003 biography Tupac: Resurrection, due to (according to her) a not-so-gracious portrayal. All Eyez On Me, however, may just be the perfect opportunity for her to lend some key insider knowledge. We’re all ears. tumblr_lyh0e4jFf01r8ypooo1_1280Images via Billboard, Interscope Records, Vibe, Wired, and XXL Magazine

Stay tuned to Milk for more on the revival of legends we love. 

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