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4 Things You Missed at The A$AP Ferg Pop Up

Last Friday, August 18, marked the launch of UNIFORM x Trap Lord’s pop up, with A$AP Ferg at the helm and his “New Level” track rumbling through the speakers. Limited edition merch and Trap Lord pieces were suspended from brackets so people could get a full view, and just beyond a nylon light sculpture, a small room hosted the debut of Ferg’s exclusive TIDAL documentary, A$AP Ferg: Where Stars Are Born. From the beginning it was clear: Ferg, UNIFORM, and Tidal were not playing games. If you missed the evening (we’re not even gonna why), have no fear: peep the highlights below. 

The Chill Ambiance

Fans, tastemakers, and passerby’s poured in. Some quickly took advantage of the pre-sale, while others went straight for the drinks. Attendees eventually arrived sporting UNIFORM bomber jackets, and UNIFORM creator, Chid Liberty, was understandably hype. The Merch With a Mission

The space started bumping with Afrobeat rhythms. In an interview, Liberty told us how integral having A$AP Ferg is to UNIFORM’s mission. He wondered what kind of brand they wanted to be, and spoke to that vision: “a streetwear movement with a focus on afro-centricity, and a platform for other creatives.” Liberty even mentioned how UNIFORM is looking to other creatives to work with. “Ferg is a creative genius,” Liberty, continued, “Everywhere we went everyone wanted to rap with Ferg.” What would happen when you exposed a rapper from The Culture to Liberia to offer an experience in exchange for their creativity? The inquiries rolled in. He even mentioned another collab in the works with another well known and philanthropic rapper. TBD.

Liberty wanted to show and tell a story of a black philanthropist and, in doing so, “show that we as a people are capable.”

Speaking of which…

Ferg came through…Die-hard fans started whooping and screaming lyrics. The Harlem native and rapper spent merely a few seconds promoting his new mixtape, Still Striving. He spent more time talking about the mission for the night. He stood on stage amongst a chatty crowd. Trying to speak, he yelled, “Would y’all in the back shut the fuck up, damn.” He turned to the front of house and demanded, “Tell them to shut the fuck up.”

The crowd obeyed, screaming, “Shut the fuck up!”

Ferg told us how he has always been very involved with every aspect of his music and was raised to about be about charity, even before UNIFORM. His mixtape gives hints into a life before the A$AP Mob, one filled with poverty and struggle. His work is not only an inspiring rags-to-riches tale; it’s enough to give life to a empty Soho street.

…and then We PartiedAfter energetic performances from Afrobeat artists like Young Paris, we bumped Plain Jane and let the DJ work his magic. There were multiple dance circles, selfies, and the rest of the night was left to either Instagram or plain old memories. 

Next time we tell you a pop up is happening do yourself a favor and actually come through. You won’t regret it.

Images via UNIFORM and Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Stay tuned to Milk for all the pop-ups you missed.

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