Knyttan Makes You the Newest Designer

Do you ever lose faith in humanity when that new sweatshirt you’re eyeing doesn’t come in black? Knyttan is solving that age old issue of finding the right clothes in the wrong color or pattern. The London-based startup is empowering their customers by letting them design their own threads, taking DIY to a whole new level.

The boutique offers jumpers, scarves and blanket scarves knitted with 100% lusciously soft Merino wool. Both the online store and the factory in Somerset House, give the shopper a variety of patterns that can be stretched, shrunk, straightened and warped to their hearts’ desire. Once you’ve crafted your perfect sweater or scarf, your creation comes to life in less than 2 hours. From there, the finishing touch is added to the unique pullover: a label sewn on with your name where the designer’s usually is. You can start your name brand without the hassle of four years of design school.

While Knyttan is giving its clients a whole new way to shop for clothes, they are also providing a useful tool for emerging artists to start their careers in the fashion industry. The company carefully selected the group of creatives to collaborate with the brand, including Nicolas Sassoon, a French digital artist know for his GIFs, Holly Halkes, the winner of the London 2015 Autum/Winter Fashion Week Industry Prize, and Moniker, an Amsterdam-based design studio.

Whether you want to create a new signature scarf for the fall or just want to have the freedom of adjusting your own pattern, Knyttan puts fashion in a place where it hardly ever ventures: into the hands of the people.

Start creating your new line here

Photos courtesy of Knyttan

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