Chloë Sevigny Zines Her Way Through Past Loves

Rather than going the usual route and burning all traces of past loves in a firepit while blasting Florence + The Machine, the style icon, actress, and all-around badass Chloë Sevigny has used her exes as inspiration for a new zine. Due to be released on June 17 through Innen Zines, the ode to past loves will be called No Time For Love, which also happens to be our personal philosophy at the office.

Fresh off the release of her self-titled book with Rizzoli, which documents style legacy over two decades, Chloë is ready to show a more intimate and personal side through the zine. Despite staying incredibly busy owning the fashion, film, and television worlds over the years with her own collection at Opening Ceremony and her starring roles in Big Love and Kids, Chloë still found time to document her love life through photos.

Within the pages of the zine, polaroids, stylishly out-of-focus snapshots from photo booths, and newspaper gossip column clippings are adorned with stickers protecting the identities of the men in her life she’s loved. From ex-boyfriends to her father, No Time For Love is an intimate companion piece to the gloss and glamour of her fashion retrospective.

While collaborating with Rizzoli, Chloë remarked to her collaborator that she "could make so many different books right now.” With this new zine, it seems likely that more material will surface that documents the many facets of Chloë Sevigny’s effortlessly cool aura.

No Time For Love will be released through Innen Zines on June 17 with a limited run of 1000 copies. Pre-order your copy here

Photos courtesy of Chloë Sevigny and Innen Zines.

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