Chance the Rapper Throws Free Arts Festival for Teens

Chicago, ditch everything you have planned on June 24th. You’re invited to a free festival curated by Chance the Rapper at Northerly Island. Here’s your invite straight from his Twitter, “I’m organizing Chicago’s first T.I.P festival next Wed SO YOU KNOW ITS GON BE FREE ????????.” The Chatham native is performing alongside a number of his handpicked musicians, including DLow, Donnie Trumpet, Logan, and DJ Chanté. Both Donnie and Chance are in the rap collective The Social Experiment, that just released Surf, so if you haven’t listened to it yet, you should get on it. Although T.I.P is aimed at teenagers, the age range goes between 13-24. And if you still don’t fit in the description, chaperone a teen and you’re in.

While Chance and his friends are headlining the show, The Teens in the Park Festival isn’t just a free concert, but an arts festival as well. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (where Kanye recently got his honorary doctorate) and Donda House (Kanye’s arts foundation) are both sponsors of the event. You’ll definitely meet the new generation of Chi-town greats. Maybe you’ll watch the next Futura 2000 write his first graffiti tag and then bboy with a future member of the Chicago Tribe.

This isn’t the first time Chance has supported the burgeoning youth art scene. This past February, he hosted an open mic at Cassidy Theatre for high school rappers, poets, singers, dancers, and comedians. And last November he won Chicago’s Outstanding Youth of the Year Award for using his influence in aiding with the “mobility of young people throughout the state of Illinois.” There’s no doubt the man really loves his hometown.

Due to the city’s nickname ‘Chiraq’ and being constantly tied up with histories of crime and violence, an event to inspire teens to become creators is just the relief that everyone needs. And a shot to hang with Chance and his buds isn’t unwelcome either. Your friends will understand if you skip brunch for this.

Get your tickets here.

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