Pornhub Really Wants Space Sex, Donate Now

By now, we’ve all seen first hand Pornhub’s unorthodox, though admittedly creative initiatives either to get media attention, or genuinely help out their fellow man. From trying to donate to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for watching ‘Big Tits’ or ‘Small Tits’ videos on the site, the planting a tree for every 100 ‘Big Dick’ videos watched, the adult website has gone pretty out there to spread its reach. The latest addition to these projects is an idea that is literally out of this world: a sex tape filmed in space.

Pornhub launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to crowd source their latest harrowing venture, Sexploration. With a goal of $3.4 million (can’t just send porn stars into space without training), the porn site have given themselves 60 days to reach their gravity defying goal. At the writing of this article, they have already reached over $9,000. However, the most exciting part of this pornographic leap for mankind is not just stars Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins, but some of the space themed perks available once you donate. Options like having your named screamed during the act ($500) to directing the script and positions ($20,000), even winning the sullied clothing of the galactic climax ($150,000, and a little too much dedication) are all at your disposal.

Pornhub projects that, if the campaign gets fully funded, the video will be released in 2016. We just hope there’s audio since no one can hear you scream in space.

Donate to make space sex happen here

Kate Upton shot by James Macari for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit (unaffiliated with Pornhub)

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