This is Officially The Best GIF of All Time

If anyone knows anything about GIFs — the animated graphic images that have gone viral across the internet — it’s Adam Leibsohn, the COO of GIF search engine giphy. The GIF god himself has recently identified the best GIF of all time. According to Leibsohn the most iconic GIF in existence comes from a video clip in which two cracked out raver chicks go WILD as the beat drops.

The animated image shows an iconic duo, a blonde and brunette, at a Skrillex concert. The blonde girl spastically flails her tongue around while contorting her body to become one with the poetic dubstep. She then rapidly thrusts her hands, as if she was giving the air a hand job — probably envisioning the techno lord’s shlong between her fingers — while her brunette compadre seems to be possessed by the prolific melodies of Skrillex’s electronic euphoria.

“Every time I watch it, I see something new and ridiculous and entertaining. It’s quite possibly the best GIF, I believe, ever made," Leibsohn explains, "They’re in their own world and they’re just going nuts. It’s amazing. I don’t know how one thinks to do the things that they’re doing.”

We’re not sure there’s much thinking is involved when it comes to these two, but even so they’ve somehow managed to break the internet and give the phrase ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ a whole new meaning.

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