Winona Ryder Makes a comeback in Netflix series

Netflix has made a name for itself by taking us back in time and resurrecting some of the world’s most beloved television series, from Arrested Development to the just announced renewal of Degrassi. Now however, the media giant will not be bringing a show back to life, but a beloved cult actress whose career is in dire need of a jumpstart. Who could this lucky film star be? None other than the queen of our Goth hearts, Winona Ryder.

And bringing her back in a new supernatural thriller at that. The eight-episode series, which is written and directed by filmmakers Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer, and produced by Shawn Levy, is set to premiere in 2016. Initially titled “Montauk”, the story takes place in the 80’s in a Long Island beach, where darkness sets upon the town when a two-year-old boy mysteriously goes missing. Ryder plays Joyce, a working class woman and mother of the missing young boy. She stars together with David Harbour as the town’s chief Popo, who’s tasked with investigating the disappearance. Throughout the search alongside friends, family, and police, several mysteries are uncovered including hush-hush government experiments and supernatural forces.

For an actress who doesn’t have much television experience (aside from her super cute appearance in Friends, and recent role in the HBO Miniseries Show Me A Hero), Ryder should feel right at home reliving her glory days in the 80’s. That decade saw her launch to stardom with roles in such revered films as Beetlejuice, Heathers, and Edward Scissorhands. After a highly publicized downward spiral incited by shoplifting, our girl has had few career hits of late, aside from a brief appearance in ballet thriller Black Swan.

The upcoming show is described as, “A love letter to the 80’s classics that captivated a generation” we’re excited for yet another Netflix win, but more importantly, a much needed win for Winona.

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