M.I.A's latest vid features 36,000 badass karate kids

M.I.A hasn’t had the best of luck lately when it comes to her less than conventional visions for her music videos. With her latest video being pulled for cultural appropriation and her ‘Bad Girls’ video receiving backlash, we’re more than thrilled to see the iconic Sri Lankan artist drop a new vid that is, at present, free of controversy. In this musical endeavor, M.I.A works with French producer Surkin as a part of his GENER8ION mixtape release. The upbeat track is titled ‘The New International Sound Pt. II’ and we’re obsessed.

While neither M.I.A nor Surkin are shown in the video, the 3.5 minute visual montage features 36,000 badass child fighters from Shaolin Tagou– the largest martial arts school in China. M.I.A, who loves showcasing different talents, hones in on the lives of these karate kids while they twirl their swords and gear up to fight in unison under the overcast Asian sky. Directed by Belgian cinematographer Inigo Westmeier, the video is a perfect translation of the high energy, pump-up track. With beats so hard and moves so kick-ass, the vid almost makes us want to commit to our overly ambitious work out goals.

For those who feel that they’ve been living in an M.I.A drought, fear no more– the unorthodox popstar recently announced her plans for a short film and 3 song EP to be released later this year. But until then, we’ll be at our local gym trying to get macho like these Kung Fu cool kids.

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