Tilda Swinton's Scotland School is Real (and Magic)

Did you ever dream about a school where you can learn to caramelize onions and build Canadian canoes while singing songs that make grown men cry? Well, you’re in luck. This magical place exists in Scotland and the alien lord of beauty and grace Tilda Swinton helped create it. It’s called the Drumduan Upper School, it has seventeen students and we are currently trying to devise a way to de-age ourselves so we can enroll and hangout with Tilda for four years.

Frustrated with an education structure that bombards students with tests and hierarchical power structures, Tilda decided to co-found a new kind of school with fellow parent Ian Sutherland McCook. Her twin children, aptly named Honor and Xavier because of course, are two of the seventeen students and are the reason the school exists so we are all indebted to them for the rest of our lives.

Drumduan recently allowed a mortal from the Guardian into their heavenly grounds observe the students and go on a field trip to a remote island. Naturally, the Internet is collectively hyperventilating and dreaming about a high school that doesn’t revolve around crying a lot, trying in vain to be cool, and endless state-mandated tests.

“There’s no grading, no testing at all,” Tilda explained. “My children are now 17, and they will go through this school without any tests at any time, so it’s incredibly art-based, practical learning.”

If you’ll excuse us, we are going to have a group cuddle in the office while watching Tilda Swinton interviews and discussing what it must be like to be a celestial serene highness of space magic.

Portrait of Tilda by Tim Walker

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