A Lady Will Serve Face on the $10 Bill in 2020

Alexander Hamilton seriously can’t win. After losing his life to Aaron Burr in that tragically infamous duel, the founding father is scheduled to lose again — but this time to the most unlikely of opponents. Hamilton, who acted as the first Treasury Secretary is being kicked off the $10 bill after serving face for over 85 years.

The U.S treasury has just announced their plan to put a woman’s face on the $10 bill in 2020 — which marks the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in America. Despite this huge step forward, some Americans are frustrated that controversial prez Andrew Jackson, who is featured on the $20, wasn’t chosen to be replaced.

While a woman has never been on a U.S paper note, both Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea spent a few years as the face of the one dollar coin until both editions of the coin were discontinued for their unpopularity — go figure.

So, what badass chick will grace our cash? Apparently, it’s up to us! Yaaas, #democracy! Treasury Secretary Jack Lew explains, "The public outreach is going to give us a chance to hear from the American people about their ideas for what kind of symbols, ideas, and representation should be on the $10 bill."

Americans have voiced their approval for iconic women like Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt and Harriet Tubman to be considered. According to Lew, the only requirements be that the woman “was a champion for our inclusive democracy” and that she is no longer alive– so, sorry Oprah fans. Lew is expected to make the groundbreaking decision later this year. But until then, let the treasury know your pick with the hashtag #TheNew10.

So— who run the world? GIRLS! … well not quite, but with the help of the U.S treasury we may just be on our way.

Photo by Jerry Mosemak

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