90s Fest is Totally Rad and Totally Real

Twin Peaks is coming back, people are wearing chokers again and Bjork is still as weird as ever. It’s clear the 90s are inescapable, so it’s no surprise that a festival is being held to celebrate some of the decade’s greatness. On September 12th, the world’s first 90sFest will take place in Williamsburg (where else?) and we’re wiggin’ out.

The event, led in part by Governors Ball organizers Founders Entertainment, will be an all-day music festival that celebrates the golden era of the 90s. Attendees will be able to chill in a 90s themed bedroom (hosted by Betches), race in a Mario Kart tournament, and participate in the record breaking largest ‘Macarena’ dance in the world and various other “throwbacktivities.” The lineup will include but is hopefully not limited to Lisa Loeb (Stay), Coolio (Gangsta’s Paradise), Smash Mouth (All Star) and Blind Melon (No Rain – RIP Shannon Hoon). A few surprise acts are yet to be announced but we’re optimistic they’ll involve some artists with more than one smash hit. Like Alanis Morisette or N*Sync. But we can only dream.

Tickets for the ultimate blast from the past start at $60 and will go up to $150 for VIP treatment. Pepsi has hinted that they may be resurrecting Crystal Pepsi (aka faux Sprite) for the VIP guests… maybe some things should be left in the 90s.

Elements of the last great decade have been embedded into current culture so smoothly that every festival already seems like a 90s rager. Nonetheless, we can’t wait to get jiggy with it.

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