Watch Gypsy Sport’s New Afrofuture Vid for FW 15

What do you get when you mix the wildest urban wear brand with psychedelic prints and fast twirling models? The sickest FW 15 promo ever, that’s what. The NY based brand Gypsy Sport, who has already taken home the CFDA award for emerging menswear designers this year, clearly has no intention of slowing down. And with the drop of their new FW 15 collection video, it’s apparent that the brand is branching out further than ever before.

The video, Haturn+Grid World directed by AKLO, has us even more hyped for the brands unique sense of style. The collection shows off bold prints on a background of kaleidoscopic, cheetahlicious patterns, inspired by “Afro-futurism, urban athletics and hallucinogenics,” as stated in the video description. The models groove, stretch and get funky to the late Alice Coltrane’s ambient gypsy incantations.

The line flips gender norms on its head, showing the same pieces on a female model one minute, and a male the next. The crazy mix matched looks make us feel like we’re tripping balls in paisley desert with queen Erykah Badu. And what Gypsy Sport collection would be complete without the brand’s signature avant garde headwear? If this is the sci-fi Savannah future that founder Rio Uribe has in mind, we are totally behind it!

Check out Gypsy Sport’s website here

Stay tuned for our upcoming feature with Gypsy Sport founder Rio Uribe!

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