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All issues of Legendary Feminist Zine 'Spare Rib' are Now Online!

While today Tumblr girls can post their pubes online freely, there was a time not so long ago where feminist mags were not so easy to come across. Spare Rib, a historic Second wave feminist bible was once considered a novelty and struggled to attain a following, but now many of its progressive ideals have now become integrated in our social standards and ways of life. So riot grrrls everywhere – rejoice because Spare Rib has now been digitally archived by the British Library for all to enjoy. All 239 issues of the 70s grassroots mag are available for free on the library’s online archive.

Spare Rib helped to bring ideas that challenged traditional gender roles to the home. Few news stands were willing to sell the publication at first due to its radical content, ranging from growing out body hair to teaching self defense tactics to women everywhere. However, it still gained traction, being circulated in women’s groups. There was a sudden sense of unity between the smaller networks rallying for social change

So why did such an influential piece of culture take so long to be archived? While the magazine was created and edited by Marsha Rowe and Rosie Boycott, it featured thousands of contributors from all over, who needed to give permission to have their work digitized. From Angela Davis to Audre Lorde, women poured their hearts into the magazine, hoping to get their voices heard. Now excuse us while we read up on how to riot hard, and kick ass while we’re at it.

Read every issue of Spare Rib here

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