Pepper, the first emotional robot, sells out in 1 minute

Remember watching The Jetsons and thinking about how ridiculously awesome it would be to have a mechanical maid? Well SoftBank Corp. a Japan-based robotics company, are bringing your cartoon fantasies to life. Back in 2014 they introduced the world to Pepper, the first-ever emotion-sensing robot. Before you get excited, Pepper can’t cook, clean or act anything like the AI from iRobot. He’s more of a little robotic buddy that you can talk to when you’re home alone after your roommate ditches you to go on a date.

The base price for Pepper is roughly $1,600 with an additional $200 monthly fee for data and insurance. But before you start pinching pennies: there were only 1,000 models available at the first consumer launch on June 20 and they all sold out in a minute. I guess money can buy affection.

According to an official statement made by SoftBank, the company was blown away by the high demand and they’re totally out of stock at the moment. The robot is expected to be available worldwide sometime during 2016.

Pepper is designed to recognize facial expressions and tones of voice in order to autonomously interact with humans. Standing a little less than four feet tall and weighing 61 pounds, he is essentially a humanoid version of EVE from Wall-E. He can chat about an endless number of topics and can even crack a joke here and there.

SoftBank’s creation is suited up with an array of groundbreaking tech, which includes cameras, touch sensors, and a tablet, with close to 200 apps, attached to its chest. He can even speak English, French, Japanese, and Spanish!

The future is here and who even needs friends anymore? Just buy yourself a crew of multicultural Peppers. Ain’t nobody fresher than my clique.

Photos via SoftBank

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