Two Scientists Created An Algorithm to Improve Your Style

Maybe you’re born with it, maybe it’s the algorithm you used. When it comes to personal style, getting it right is easier said than done. Worry not! Problem-solvers to the rescue at the University of Toronto have just developed an algorithm that analyzes style photos and makes suggestions of improvement. Now anyone can have an #ootd!

“Our aim here is to give a rich feedback to the user: not only whether the photograph is appealing or not, but also to make suggestions of what clothing or even the scenery the user could change in order to improve her/his look,” the authors, Raquel Urtasun and Sanja Fidler state in their report. What this game changer does essentially is analyze fashionability, which is affected by the garments the subject is wearing. It also assesses the setting of a photo, how the image was taken and even how visually appealing the person is in the look itself.

The question remains however, is it legit? During research stages, the team drew data from, a website where photos of outfits are shared amongst a community. By collecting 144,169 posts and analyzing what works in an image and what doesn’t, they were able to pull patterns and code the brilliant algorithm.

They say that style is a reflection of attitude and personality – something that an algorithm can’t create. But with apps that digitizing our closets, and trend reports telling us what’s new, maybe there will always be a way to go from drab to fab.

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