Peaches is Back with Laser Buttplugs and a New Album

Nothing screams summer more than a multicolored set of lasers shooting out of a buttplug in a dimly lit room. Fresh off the release of a new photography book called What Else Is In the Teaches of Peaches, the eccentric and controversial Canadian musician and performance artist has debuted a video featuring the aforementioned laser buttplug with the announcement of a new album—the first in six years. Born Merrill Beth Nisker, the fruit-inspired artist looks poised to send a million religious housewives’ hearts into panic mode with the video and the title of her new album: Rub. Set to feature the artistic talents of Kim Gordon, Simonne Jones, and Feist, Rub is bound to be a sonically orgasmic experience when it’s released in September.

The album’s first single, fittingly called Light in Places because, you know, buttplug lasers, revels in glitchy technopop noise and smooth wholesome lyrics like “so much beauty coming out of my ass.” It features the talented cabaret artist Empress Stah doing an acrobatic dance that’s part of a performance piece called Stargasm. The piece has the unique pleasure of allegedly being the world’s only Laser Ass Aerial show but it is 2015 and we’re sure that somewhere, someone has perfected their own laser ass aerial show routine. Stah cited the inspiration for the track as coming from “a winding trail that meanders via the Russian Space Agency, a Disused American Military Base and the largest purported UFO cover up in Europe.” We thought that the anal accessory light show inspiration couldn’t get any better but then they threw aliens into the mix.

You can check out the video to the left but it is NSFW so unless you work in the sex toy or porn industry, we would recommend turning your screen away from any prying and eager eyes.

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