Our Top 6 Summer Jams to Get You Freaky

Summer is finally here. Time to take the top down, break out the bikinis, brush up on our long boarding, and most importantly, find the perfect songs to guide us through summer’s ups and downs. From beach time loving, to the inevitable summer fling heart break, we need tracks that speak to our adventurous, festival going, road tripping side. We’ve already seen some killer hits for the year, and we’re here to make your playlist crafting that much easier. From us to you, Milk Made’s Top 6 Summer Jams:

‘Can’t Feel My Face’ The Weeknd

Wait, The Weeknd on a summer jams list? We’re shocked too, but it works. The notorious ‘no love, just drugs’ artist is bringing a little pep to his ketamine slowed step and a whole new style to his bump n’ grind vibe with ‘Can’t Feel My Face’. The single, which features a choral arrangement, is our go to rooftop dance party hit for when we bring our ex/lover/partner/whoever is just as fucked up as we are.

‘Abrasive’ Ratatat

Who says you need lyrics to rock out? In anticipation for their fifth studio album Magnifique (sorry, no LP5 this time), Ratatat just released their newest single ‘Abrasive’. The experimental duo have been known to bring a whole new appreciation to instrumentals tracks, something that is not lost in their newest track. Perhaps they’ve perfected the algorithm that makes us move, or maybe they just sold their souls to the dance gods. Either way, the synth-rock tune is the perfect head bopper for our lazy beach days and long drives.

‘I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)’ Jamie xx

After Jamie xx announced his first solo album, In Colour, the music scene freaked out. Since its drop, the world can’t help but groove to Jamie’s expert sound blending skills. While full of hits, the remix master ended up crafting the ultimate summertime single himself. Perfectly combining the sounds of dancehall, motown and hip hop, ‘I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)’ is a testament to Jamie xx’s producing skills,and happens to be the best song for chilling on the stoop. Well Jamie, we say let the good times roll in!

‘Trap Queen’ Fetty Wap

If you’ve left your house at all this year, you’ve heard our next fave hit. NJ native Fetty Wap filled the trap beat hole in our hearts with ‘Trap Queen’ last year, and we’ve been bumping the track ever since. The video perfectly encapsulates our dream summer, counting our stacks, smoking blunts and cruising with the clique. Even Ed Sheeran couldn’t resist covering the song. The infectious beat brings our inner trap queen out.

‘Slip Slide’ Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment

No, Surf is not Chance’s new album (though he is on most of the tracks), but is the debut LP of Donnie Trumpet, a member of The Social Experiment. Unsurprisingly, the record shows off the trumpeter’s brass blasting, accompanied by Chance and other impressive features like Busta Rhymes and Quavo. If you can get through this song without giving at least a head bob, you’re probably dead. ‘Slip Slide’ is the perfect groove with it’s blaring horns, and Busta doing what he does best. We just want to ‘roll out the red carpet and stand on our own two beloved’!

‘Hana’ Clay

What summer playlist would be complete without a soft, pensive song for us to reflect on all that we’ve been though? HANA, Grimes’ new lo-fi BFF captures the ‘staring at your phone at 4AM, waiting for a text from that certain someone’ vibes. For those nighttime drives, when you just need to clear your head of all the drama, ‘Clay’ keeps you level and moving. Plus, the video, filmed by Claire Boucher herself while on tour, gives us chills.

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