Socks + Sandals: 5 Trends That Went From Street to Chic

Once considered a fuckboi staple, socks and slides have managed to hit the runway, making a suave appearance in [Bottega Veneta](✓&search=bottega+veneta), [Marni](✓&search=marni) and [Versace’s](✓&search=versace) Milan menswear shows. The designers, rather than going for the classic [Adidas](✓&search=adidas) Adilettes and white [Nike](✓&search=nike) sock pairing, have opted for brown leather sandals with green tree like stitchings, and deep grey socks, as well as multi-colored sandals featuring red bands, triangular black patterns, and studded white soles. The result is something jarringly chi-chi, and a little vacation-dad esque, but no doubt this Spring 2016 look is leaving the b-ball court, and heading to a resort soiree near you.

This isn’t the first instance of a fashion faux pas turning chic, as society isn’t new to slighting a trend one day and loving it the next. Remember when overalls were strictly for nose-picking dorks? Exactly.

To further prove our point, we’ve made a list of a few other trends that were once callously regarded as low-bro, but have somehow been blessed by the fashion Gods, taking their cred from 0 to 100 real quick.

Baroque Print

Baroque’s one of the original links between fashion and hip-hop, besides [Tommy Hilfiger](✓&search=tommy+hilfiger) of course. Sported by [Biggie](✓&search=biggie) (R.I.P.) [Lil Kim](✓&search=lil+kim), and the Fresh Prince back in the 90’s, this flashy and floral chain print boasts nothing but Versace, Versace, Versace. [Donatella](✓&search=donatella) loved her some baroque, pushing it hard back in the day, and thanks to it’s strong connection to hip-hop greats, the print can be still be found on many a silk bomber and granny scarf today.


Here’s a sad bit of truth. As soon as cornrows popped up on white heads like [Iggy Azalea’s](✓&search=iggy+azalea), Cara Delevingne’s and the cast of [Orange Is the New Black](✓&search=orange+is+the+new+black), they’ve been considered a fashion trend. (Let’s not forget Ingrid Schmidt’s insensitive LA Times [article]( It seems like the media has forgotten goddesses like [Alicia Keys](✓&search=alicia+keys) who have always rocked braids, and how the style physically represents the richness of African American culture as generations pass on the technique. Cornrows are a popular subject in the cultural appropriation discussion, and it’s been noted that white women, by adopting many assets of black physical beauty have sanitized them, making these African-American associated traits “acceptable,” by society’s skewed standards. While we think it’s cool that people want to share traditions and trade beauty techniques, it is imperative that we give credit where it’s due.

Basketball Shorts

Basketball players have swag no doubt, but even they don’t wear their shorts out in public. As we’ve seen plenty boys run to the bodega in their shorts, the jersey bottoms were always a more casual/utilitarian piece, but not anymore. Basketball shorts aren’t just for smokin’ dudes on the court (or smokin’ doobies on the block), designers like [Astrid Andersen](✓&search=astrid+andersen) have taken the style and turned it into luxe sportswear, while womenswear brands like [Nomia](✓&search=nomia) have adopted the free-breathing material and draw-string waist to create sport-elegant looks that look badass and also pretty freakin’ comfortable.

Denim On Denim

Are we talking about the Canadian Tuxedo? Oh hell yes. Double denim’s been something that’s fallen in and out of trend, with a history of looks we love and looks we hate. [Justin Timberlake](✓&search=Justin+Timberlake) and [Britney Spears’](✓&search=britney+spears) epic matching denim outfits at the 2001 American Music Awards definitely takes the cake, as we, along with the rest of the world, are still confused about that whole get-up. Country singer [Garth Brooks] along with an entire slew of American folk artists are probably most notorious for being denim clad, and thank God [Rihanna](✓&search=rihanna) brought the look back in her [‘Four Five Seconds’ ](✓&search=four+five+seconds )video. All in all, double denim, we love you, please stay.

Gold Chains, Gold Everythang

Layering that bling bling is an it-girl must, but shorties have been wearing nameplates, gold chains, plated hoops, and grills since the early 90’s. It was all about that gold chain game, and it seems like that same trend is still on fleek. SS 15’ [Moschino]( anyone? So, next time you leave your house, instead of taking one thing off, how about you put 2 Chainz on?

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