Great Scott! Lexus Introduces New Hoverboard

At long last, Lexus has brought our Back to the Future II hoverboard fantasies to life. Earlier this week, the car manufacturer released a short teaser video for SLIDE, the company’s very first hoverboard. Soon enough, everyone will be able to shred (or should we say levitate) through the city like Marty McFly.

The brief video shows your classic skater dude carving up the asphalt with his board. Right when you’re expecting him to bust out a kickflip he abruptly stops and gets off of his deck. That’s when the mind blowing commences: a wheel-less, bamboo and carbon fiber skateboard floats a few inches off of the ground as small plums of smoke escape from its sides.

According to the official website, the SLIDE is outfitted with liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors, which explains the smoke, and permanent magnets that allow it to levitate off of the ground. This raises the next question, can you ride this bad-boy anywhere you want? Sadly, no. Lexus confirmed that the hoverboard “only works on special metallic surfaces.”

But don’t be disappointed yet, according to El Patín, a Spanish skateboarding site, Lexus is working on a hoverboard skatepark in a village outside of Barcelona. The photos show that the park being underlain with metallic tracks, which will allow hoverboarders to zip down the half-pipes. Lexus plans to keep the masses informed by releasing weekly clips and pictures of the board, which will include riding demonstrations.

The 21st century is killing the tech game. Hoverboards check, emotional robots check, all we need now is a flying car.

Check out the SLIDE here

Photos via Lexus and El Patín

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