The Grace Jones Memoir Will Be Your New Bible

What's better than Grace Jones? Grace Jones under a Grace Jones mask looking very Grace Jones.
Please do not try to lick your teeth seductively to replicate the cover. You'll only cause panic and tears from anyone in a five-mile radius. [Courtesy of Simon and Schuster]

Prepare yourself because Grace Jones is about to drop the memoir everyone has been waiting decades to read. It will cover her entire decades-long career and may be the only book to unite subway Kindle readers, club kids, and style bloggers. Set for a September 29 release by Gallery Books, it’s fittingly titled I’ll Never Write My Memoirs because only someone as illustrious and otherworldly could get away with naming their memoir something so painfully ironic.

Grace famously claimed that she would “never write my memoirs” in her classic 1981 track Art Groupie. What a difference three decades makes, right? “If I don’t do it, somebody else will," she proclaimed to universal cheers as the world collectively panicked.

Born in Jamaica, 67-year-old Grace Jones has had a phenomenally stylish life as she conquered the modeling, acting, and music worlds. She came to the U.S. as a teen and by the age of 18 had signed to Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. From there she moved to Paris and walked for Yves Saint Laurent and appeared on the covers of Elle, Vogue, and other fashion magazines. After conquering fashion, she released three disco albums and acted alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan The Destroyer. Oh and she was also a fixture at Studio 54 because of course she would be partying with Andy Warhol.

Mark your calendars and prepare for the party memoir of a lifetime. Grace Jones will release I’ll Never Write My Memoirs on September 29. In the meantime, do some volunteer service to get your free tickets to see her perform live at AfroPunk Festival at the end of August.

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