JZ RADICAL's European Extravaganza Stop 5: Bucharest

“Stinky” styles out a fakie frontside kickflip.
Cruisin’ the streets of Bucharest with the Eroilor Mafia Crew.
Mario Carroll switch nose manny at “The Potato.”
Gabi Shecklerica kickflips at Carol Park. This was the meet up spot each day.
The Carol Park Mausoleum honoring the fallen soldiers of World War I.
I was inducted into the Eroilor Mafia Crew the day of this glass wall ride. “Gotta break the rules or glass walls to be apart of the crew.”
Romanian Art with Dragos.
Eroilor Mafia Crew in front of The Palace of the Parliament, the 2nd largest building in the world.
Ollie in to a roller coaster ride all the way to the end. Scary. Eroilor Mafia style. Photo: Mario Carroll.
Gabi taking a break from crushin’ it in the streets all day. Carol Park.
This 50-50 grind had never been done before. Zilisteanu Alexandru makes history on my last day in Bucharest.
The Eroilor Mafia Crew is a powerful gang! Cheers to skateboarding and livin’ it up!
Next stop: Sofia, Bulgaria on the night train.

JZ Radical, skater extraordinaire and friend of Milk, has had the good fortune of taking his skills on a tour of the capitals of Eastern Europe. His latest stop? Bucharest, Romania. Take a look at what JZ has to share from his epic skate adventure.

Thirteen hours after leaving Chisinau, Moldova I had finally arrived in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. It was exciting from the moment I walked out of the Piata Victoriei’ metro stop.

Within minutes I was skating down one of the main streets and ran into an extravagant parade filled with costumed characters decked out in face paint, dancers, musicians, acrobats on stilts and crowds of people attempting to get photos of the action. It felt so good to be in a massive city again.

I had arranged through Kenny Reed to meet up with the Eroilor Mafia Skate Crew at the most central spot known as Carol Park, named after King Carol l. The park is incredibly large and in the very center on top of hundreds of stairs is a gorgeous monument named The Carol Park Mausoleum. It’s surrounded by guards 24 hours a day and honors the fallen soldiers of World War I.

We skated Carol Park every day for a couple hours during my 6-day visit The marble ground is over 150 years old but still smooth and the ledges grind and slide perfectly. Everyone is just hangin’ out kickin’ the soccer ball around, playing music and just chillin’. It’s awesome. I was stoked to find a cool line kick flipping in from the top and riding down several steep hubba’s to a scary and fast drop off at the bottom. The Eroilor Mafia guys skate really well. I got a lot of footage of them shredding not only Carol. but the entire city of Bucharest.

Our crew was 10-15 skaters deep at times taking the metro or the bus (which apparently is free) and skating from spot to spot like 6-10 hours a day throughout this 2 million person city. The architecture and design of Bucharest is unreal and amazing to skate on. At one point in time Bucharest was referred to as “Little Paris.” Some of my favorite spots to skate and hang out were The Potato, The Canon, The Palace of the Parliament (2nd largest building the world), Tineretului Park, The Holocaust Memorial and the University.

The Eroilor Mafia Crew and I ended most of our nights drinking 2.5L beers in Carol Park or at Mario’s apartment chillin’ and watching Romanian skate videos. The talent level here is top notch! It was so rad skating and filming with the crew. Look out for Petrut Diatcu and his older brother “Stinky.” Amazing Shredders! And keep an eye out for an Eroilor Mafia x Natural Koncept collaboration deck in the near future.

A big shout out to Gabi, Mario, Tony, Dragos,Vlad “Token”, Goof and the Ollie Gang Shop and the entire Eroilor Mafia Crew. Thanks for lookin’ out, skating tough and sharing the incredible city of Bucharest with me.

Also thanks to Milk Studios, AriZona Iced Tea and Etonic for making this trip possible.

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