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As Donna Karan Steps Down We Look Back at Her Iconic Work

Let’s have a moment of silence for renowned designer Donna Karan who has officially stepped down from Donna Karan International. Announced via Instagram last night, the woman who created a brand that has dictated the effortlessly chic New York style will be moving on to different projects. Better start doing maintenance for all those sleek A-line skirts and elegant trench coats you’ve bought over the years – their value just got higher.

Donna Karan herself is still on board as an advisor, however her focus is shifting to her other brand, Urban Zen. The new brand features designs that are a reflection of Karan’s philanthropic, holistically-focused mindset. The website boasts “soulful objects of desire” with clothes that look inspired by Mother Nature herself, which are perfect to bring peace to the chaos that the city can stir at times.

But don’t fret, this news doesn’t mean the end of your fave workwear label, just a pause. While there aren’t any plans for runway shows,c and production is being suspended (cue internal crying), a fresh era of DKNY is beginning. Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, founders of the urban label Public School, were recently named creative directors of DKNY. So there might be a shortage of the the Donna Karan designs we all know and love, but the new directors are ready to usher in the next generation of NYC classic, and we couldn’t think of someone better than the MADE FW alumni.

Who knows what will become of the brand? Maybe Chow & Osborne will bring a darker edge to business casual. Maybe they’ll redefine the quintessential Manhattan look. Either way, get hyped because the Donna Karan empire isn’t done yet.

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