Kim Gordon, Cat Power + More to play Female Focused Festival

From their poppin’ lineups, purple sunsets and plethora of A-list attendees, it seems like summer music festivals have just about everything. But after a closer look, it becomes evident that these modern-day woodstock’s are missing one key thing — female performers. In recent years, many have started voicing their frustrations over the disparity between male and female headliners at music festivals. Out of the various festivals set to take place this summer, less than 15% of bands were made up of women. To prove a point, pixable even got rid of all the male artists to highlight how barren festivals would appear without men. So, what better way to celebrate talented female musicians than by hosting an all female festival?

The 2nd annual burger-a-go-go female focused festival is happening this September in Santa Ana, California. Featuring artists like Kim Gordon, Kate Nash, Kimya Dawson and Cat Power, the event takes a wicked stab at the under-representation of women in festival culture. But, why is it that women are so under-represented to begin with?

Big-time festival booker Andy Copping told Guardian journalist Jenny Stevens that women enjoy “watching bands more than being in them” and "haven’t felt inspired enough to pick up a guitar or be the singer of the rock band.” He also explained that he books his bands on “merit— not gender,” but we refuse to believe that there are so few qualified girl bands.

Women have been endlessly underrepresented in the entertainment. From comedy, to television, to music festivals, women are continuously not being given the spotlight they deserve. So, ladies, it’s up to us to prove all the silly men who run this industry wrong. The groupie days are over and it’s time for women to rock out in the center-stage.

Get your tix here to see these badass women give Andy Copping a run for his money

Photography by Sebastian Kim

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