Nick Cave & Daft Punk Figures Are the Tiny Toys You Need

What do Nick Cave and Daft Punk have in common? No, sadly it’s not an upcoming collaboration (we wish), but they’re both being made into toys! Pop artist Plasticgod, is creating a series of toys modeled off the goth crooner’s most iconic looks while toy manufacturers Medicom Toy, just released a set of Bearbricks based off your fave techo-playing, helmet-wearing duo.

The Nick Cave series by the LA artist features six figurines, each named after one of his songs. There’s “Tupelo” Nick, ready to bring some tornado-level destruction, and “Ship Song” Nick, aka king of the mermen. You can even grab a glow in the dark version of “You Turn Me On” Nick. Welcome these tiny Nicks into your arms by searching for them online (the store has already sold out) or taking a peek at Plasticgod’s booth at San Diego Comic Con. There’s only 200 available, so start booking your flight to Cali. Nick Cave may not believe in an interventionist god, but these toys make us believe there’s a higher power who wants to make the world happier, one mini-Nick at a time.

Medicom’s set is based off of Daft Punk’s Grammy winning, 70s & 80s-inspired album Random Access Memories. The steel figures stand at 5 inches tall with their lil’ suits and trademark helmets. We never thought we’d see the day when Guy-Man and Bangalter would resemble animal super heroes, though this is far from the first time they’ve delved into designing merch. The two musicians recently rolled out official Daft Punk frisbees and yo-yos along with a collection of groovy boards with Hervet-Manufacturier. Maybe this is all just a plot to turn EDM fans into metallic pseudo-animal skateboarders. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the next time we see Daft Punk they’re donning shiny bear helmets and shredding on stage.

People say toys are just for kids, but what kid would be culturally aware enough to want a Nick Cave and Daft Punk doll? Who knows which artist will be the next to jump on the figurine train, but we’re patiently awaiting the day we can tote around a mini Morrissey.

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