Music Festivals Burn the Same Amount of Calories as a Marathon

Unless you’re Kanye West, music festivals are the perfect place to cut loose and escape the mundanities of everyday life. Huge bands, massive crowds and good vibes all in one place for one weekend. However, the cruel reality usually involves excessive sweat, crowd anxiety and the eternal struggle of moving from one mob to the next. But new research has revealed that music festivals are a great place to burn calories while you ‘move your ass‘ and ‘go wizzerk,’ as Yeezy would say.

It seemed logical to measure the effects on the body when placed in the unique and somewhat extreme environment of a music festival, so Withings, a French electronics company, sought out to do just that. They recently conducted a study on the physical activity at festivals in the UK by attaching motion sensing wristbands to attendees. After recording their studies at a few festivals, the results showed that the typical patron burned 9000 calories during a three day festival with an average of 300-400 calories per set. That’s basically the equivalent of running a marathon.

This is good news for the estimated 32 million people who attend music festivals in the US. Despite the perils of dehydration, extreme heat and questionable drug sales, it’s semi-reassuring to know that there are some health benefits to attending these adult playgrounds. Screw a gym membership, get a Bonnaroo ticket.

Photo by Andrew Boyle

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