Beyoncé Inspired a Skyscraper, What Did You Do Today?

Who designs the world? According to Australia, it’s Beyoncé. The architectural studio Elenberg Fraser, have been given the okay for their plans to build a Beyoncé-inspired skyscraper called the Premier Tower to be placed in central Melbourne.

The firm designed the building as an homage to Bey’s video for Ghost, one of the tracks off of her godsent visual album. They’ve even gone as far to say, “We’re going to trust you’ve seen the music video,” in the press release. The design of this leviathan emulates Queen B’s curvy silhouette and the feminine forms of her fabric-swathed dancers. But the building wasn’t green-lighted just because Melbourne is full of pop culture fanatics, it also is an innovative design that serves as a model for more structurally sound frameworks. Their researched showed that the curves actually make the towers more sturdy. Who knew religiously watching Beyoncé’s music videos would pay off?

The building is a downright behemoth, made up of 68 stories and housing 660 apartments and a hotel. According to Fraser’s website, the tower will be the first thing people see when they arrive at Southern Cross Station and step into the city. The firm is pushing to redesign the entire precinct, focusing on modern, urban designs while also respecting its rich architectural heritage. Premier Tower serves as their first step into the future, possibly heralding in a new era of Beyoncé that we’ve always dreamed of.

There is no shortage of Yoncé-inspired work; they range from memes, like #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat, to coloring books, like Team Art’s The Evolution of Beyonce. But Premier Tower might be the biggest memorialization of her yet. While there’s no official completion date, we’re already planning our move to down under. If you didn’t believe in power of the Beygency, now’s the time to pledge your devotion to the queen.

Photos courtesy of Elenberg Fraser.

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