Amy Winehouse Doc Smashes Box Office Records

Amy Winehouse is officially back in black. The long awaited documentary, Amy, was released in the UK and in select theaters in the US this weekend, less than a month shy of the fourth anniversary of the late singer’s passing. The film had a stellar opening weekend, and it has already shattered box office records in the UK, making it one of the highest grossing documentaries in history.

The documentary racked up a whopping $222,015 across only six sites in the US and averaged $37,002 per site, second only to Michael Moore’s, Fahrenheit 9/11. It was directed by the BAFTA winning filmmaker, Asif Kapadia, and was initially screened at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival in May. Most people associate documentaries with gruelingly boring footage with monotone narration, but Kapadia’s Amy is far from dry. He pieced together clips from private home videos, past TV footage, and even unheard tracks, resulting in a ‘docu-collage’ style film that offers an intimate look into the jazz superstar’s battles with addiction, her childhood, and her passion for music.

Despite the resounding financial success and critical acclaim, Amy’s friends and family have greeted the film with starkly different opinions. Mark Ronson, who produced many of her most iconic tracks, told The Mirror that it revealed her “clever” and “witty” side that her fans rarely saw, citing the film as a whole as being incredibly “respectful” to her life. Her family on the other hand are incensed at the film. Amy’s father, Mitch Winehouse, did not buy it’s ‘total objectivity’ and is now planning to make an entirely new documentary about his daughter with her former fiancé, Reg Traviss.

Despite negative attitudes surrounding the film, Amy has already become a record-smashing success. It allows her legacy to live on beyond the tragedy of her untimely passing and reveals a side of her that has never been seen before.

"Amy" will be released in theaters throughout the US on July 10, buy your tickets here.

Photo courtesy of Phil Griffin.

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