Fill Your Wes Anderson Craving with New Video Game

Admit it, we’ve all dreamed of taking a confident march through any of Wes Anderson’s symmetrical sets along with some wacky, but still melancholy characters. Dream no longer Anderson fans! Some design students at NYU’s Gaming Center have brought to life even more pastel colored adventures at "the greatest hotel in the world", The Grand Budapest Hotel (it’s an institution!), in the game Maquisard.

The game, accompanied by an awesome soundtrack, will not follow any of the actual movie’s plot line. Instead the protagonist, a lobby boy that’s ‘definitely not Zero,’ sneaks around the hotel in hopes of discovering, through clues and good ol’ gossip, who the secret government agent staying at the hotel is. From hiding behind potted plants, and well decorated rugs to listening in on guests rooms, Maquisard brings the Oscar nominated film to the virtual world.

The indie game isn’t the only Andersonian flavored piece of culture to come about. With the opening of Wes Anderson’s personally designed cafe, Bar Luce in Milan, and plans to open a theme park as well, the color-coordinated director is expanding his aesthetically pleasing vision. Looks like now is the time to bring out the pastels, knits and sepia toned romance!

Name your own price for the Maquisard download here

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