Kitty Cash: Your Multi-Sensory Pocket Rocket

The next femme from our Milk Made x FRANK series is the Brooklyn born power bomb Kitty Cash.
The musician and DJ has been exploring how to create a multi-sensory experience with her EPs Love the Free and Love the Free 2, all the while letting you know that she’s the real deal. With unending projects under her arm and a personality that says ‘look at me now,’ Kitty Cash is here to crush.

Name: Kitty Cash

Age: In the words of Aaliyah, “Age ain’t nothing but a number…”

Occupation: DJ

Where are you from? Brooklyn, New York

While some DJs just stick to the music, you’ve got a grasp on all the
sensory accompaniments that come with it as well. Tell us a bit more about that project, and how important it is for you to tie visuals into what you do musically.

For the second installation of Love The
, I wanted to use the compilation as a platform for emerging filmmakers as a
way to heighten the intake and overall experience of the project—the main word
being the experience. If you had no sound and focused solely on the visuals you
would be captivated and vice versa for the visuals. Visuals and other elements
are important to creating this type of multi sensory experience for the music. You
have to tap into every part of a person so that they leave with a memory, and
visuals are definitely a way to do that!

Though it definitely features some big names as well, like Dev Hynes &
Kali Uchis, for Love The Free II you made it a point to
want to feature lots of under the radar, up-and-coming acts too. What was the decision to do that?

My mission for Love The Free has always been to curate a collaborative EP that
featured both established and emerging artists. I want Love The Free to be a
place where you are always being introduced to new artists but can also get an
exclusive listen to one of your favorite artists as well. The process has been the same for both installations of Love the Free. It starts with me searching through Soundcloud and following emerging artists that I truly love. From there I start the process of elimination and then go through my personal network for a few of the more recognizable artists that would be able to fit the EP sonically…and that’s how the magic is created! Haha.

What about projects for the coming year—anything exciting or new that you’re working on?

Keep an eye out for a few big projects from me this year and of course Love The Free 3!

Describe (your idea of) femininity in three words:

Powerful + Sensual + Beings

Who’s your all-time favorite style icon or influence? Could be any person,
place, or thing!

New York City

Photography by Adrian Mesko

Creative Direction by Paul Bui

Styled by Miyako Bellizzi

Hair by Eloise Cheung

Make Up by Yacine Diallo

Stay tuned for more features from our Milk x Frank collaboration, check out the new issue of Frank 151 to see them all in print

Visit Kitty Cash’s website here

Read our interview with Kali Uchis here

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