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Exclusive: Johan Lindeberg's Visual Diary of Nepal Pt. 1

In a Milk Made exclusive, legendary creative director Johan Lindeberg documents a visual diary of his journey to Nepal with his daughter Blue. The South Asian country was hit by a deadly earthquake in April of this year and has had difficulty recovering from the tumultuous impact since.

"Twenty three of my relatives were killed in the earthquake" said my driver Krishna. "But I’m lucky to have a mother," he continues, "She was trapped for three days in our house before my brother and I could save her."

I’m in Nepal with my daughter Blue and my photo assistant Dillon Sachs, to photograph and portray the women of Nepal in support of my friend Dr. Christopher Barley’s foundation Citta.The pictures will be auctioned and the proceedings will be donated back to Nepal.

It’s monsoon season here and the rain at times falls heavy. We traversed down a plateau and connected with women planting rice stalks in a heavy downpour and found strong community amongst them.

It was an emotional second day with all the stories we are hearing when meeting people, especially having Blue next to me when we are walking through the city of Bhaktapur where 400 people just lost their lives. I was at first hesitant to bring her with me on this trip, but at the same time it’s such a great life changing experience before her high-school and it will be with her all her life. And also to meet people who have gone through such a dramatic event but you still feel the strength and the optimism in rebuilding their beautiful country.

Photography by Johan Lindeberg

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Donate here and help the victims of the earthquake

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