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1/5 — Nepali women building their temporary home in Shanku




In part two of this Milk Made exclusive, legendary creative director Johan Lindeberg documents a visual diary of his journey to Nepal with his daughter Blue. The South Asian country was hit by a deadly earthquake in April of this year and has had difficulty recovering from the tumultuous impact since.

"I was sleeping on the third floor in my house when it all began. The walls started to tremble and the house next door with my restaurant came down on my building," Omi is carrying brick stones, when we meet her. She had an organic Nauri restaurant with her husband, which "is completely gone now…It’s going to take 2-3 years to rebuild it." I’m asking how they will manage and they say that they hope the government will give them more money.

Up to now they only got 15,000 rupees, which equals to 150 dollars. They say that most contributions are going to remote villages and their town is forgotten. I’m amazed how they seem so calm and at the same time so determined to rebuild their place. They offer us homemade rice beer and a delicious spiced potato dish. We continue to walk through the streets of Sanku and meet two women who are building their shelter. They explain that this is going to be their new temporary home and somehow they look so proud and confident.

While talking to them I have so many thoughts going through my mind. How can we find ways to come together and start to act beyond hashtags? It’s so special to have my daughter Blue with me when we are listening to the interpreter. You really realize how important it is to take a step back and evaluate what’s important in life.

Photography by Johan Lindeberg

Stay tuned for part three of Lindeberg’s visual diary and check out part one

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