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Exclusive: Johan Lindeberg's Visual Diary of Nepal Pt. 3

In the third part of this Milk Made exclusive, legendary creative director Johan Lindeberg documents a visual diary of his journey to Nepal with his daughter Blue. The South Asian country was hit by a deadly earthquake in April of this year and has had difficulty recovering from the tumultuous impact since.

Sangita Shrestha, who manages the The Dwarika’s hotel in Kathmandu, is a charismatic and an expressive woman. The hotel was created by her father with the idea to preserve Nepalese architecture. Every window frame of the hotel are old wooden art works saved from buildings around Nepal.

When the earthquake happened I slammed the side of my head into the wall. The only thought that struck my mind was to get all guest and staff out on the courtyard as fast as possible. After it was over, they all slept together outside for 4 days as they were afraid to go inside.

A week later Sangita got a phone call about the people–displaced villagers living in a simple camp near Bouddha without access to water, food, and other necessities. Sangita found a soccer field and created Camp Hope. "It is our plan to help these families rebuild their homes and villages after the monsoon season," she said. "Camp Hope is a response to the emergency needs of 332 evacuated villagers from Sindhupalchok District, one of the most devastated regions affected by the earthquake".

We finished the day by walking through one of the big hospitals in Kathmandu, Nepal Medical College, where we met the chief surgeon, but our thoughts remained with the camp. It’s a beautiful camp that Sangita had created together with all the people living there. We spent 4 hours at the camp yesterday, and it was amazing to see the craftsmanship involved in everything that they were doing. Blue was playing with the kids and connected with Pema who was 15 years old. They showed us with pride pictures of their village from before the earthquake, three beautiful and colorful villages. It was so incredible to see their calmness and strength when they showed us the pictures from the devastation.

Sangita asked them "Do you believe me when I say we are going to rebuild your homes?" The answer was a confident yes.

Photography by Johan Lindeberg

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