Millennials Can Orgasm Faster than Baby Boomers

Come again? It seems that millennials, frequently pegged as the ‘Me Me Me’ generation, may be spending a little less ‘me’ time than expected. A new study by the ever reliable Pornhub suggests that millennials are watching less porn and reaching orgasms faster than older generations.

The study revealed other juicy findings on the relationship between millennials and porn. The most popular day for the site was Monday (start your week off right) while Saturdays receive the lowest traffic — on an unrelated note, Tinder activity seems to peak on Saturday. The popular site also reported that ‘lesbian’ was the most searched term by millennials despite only 21% of users identifying as female. If you thought Pornhub search tracking could be symbolic of increased LGBTQ support, think again.

However, the most intriguing discovery from the study indicates that millennials are achieving orgasms faster than Gen X and Baby Boomers, based on average time spent on the site. While millennials are logging on and getting off in a little over 9 minutes, older users are on the site for a little over 10 minutes per visit — an entire minute discrepancy. This news isn’t as surprising once you hear that 60% of millennials are watching porn on smartphones and other mobile devices. Clearly, we are logging on with one goal in mind before deleting our history and returning to our regular, more politically conscious, data driven lives.

Are orgasms becoming just another millennial chore? Or has an increasingly liberal sexual climate allowed us to master the art of orgasm? Maybe we’re just the first generation to become desensitized to sex. Thank you @Internet!

Photo courtesy of Pornhub

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