M.I.A & Drake Slay the Music Video Game (And Us)

Praise the rap gods, for we’ve truly been #blessed. If you don’t know what we’re talking about (and you somehow managed to avoid social media this past weekend) then brace yourself: Drake and M.I.A have both released their exclusive music videos via Apple Music. Take a minute to thank Yeezus and tweet out those praise hands emojis.

Since the release of his mixtape “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,” Drake’s been getting serious love from both superfans and critics. Nowadays, everyone wants a piece of the Toronto rapper with the sensitive soul, so the unreal hype surrounding “Energy” came as no surprise. The video itself plays like an absurd SNL skit with Drake rapping while his face gets plastered onto a slew of celebs. The face latches onto everyone, from Oprah to Kimye to Justin Bieber. He even parodies Rob Ford (mayor of his hometown) as a drugged-up, camera-loving mess. Shots fired, eh?

M.I,A’s been keeping everyone on their toes with her newest venture, "Matahdatah Scroll 01 Broader Than a Border.” The highly-anticipated audiovisual project premiered today, accompanied by a sigh of relief from her fans. A few months ago, the rapper made some noise when she tweeted that her video wouldn’t be released since it was deemed a form of cultural appropriation. Despite this, she still dropped hints and teasers about upcoming work. Now with Scroll 1’s release, there’s no question about the eclectic artist is no longer missing in action. The Apple Music exclusive includes a short film scored by ‘Swords’ (her new track) and ‘Warriors’ (a track from her chart-topping album Matangi). The film uses footage of M.I.A in West Africa and India, featuring intricate sword dances in the streets, fire torches being swung casually by the singer at an Indian temple, and a West African dancer showing off some ridiculously flashy footwork.

Both videos are part of the first group of original content being premiered on Apple Music. But this isn’t the first we’ve seen from the streaming service; they’ve also rolled out exclusives from Pharrell, Eminem, and Best Coast. With Drake and M.I.A set to release their albums this year (fingers crossed), the anticipation has never been more real.

Feast your eyes on M.I.A’s video here and Drake’s video here.

Images courtesy of the artists’ Instagrams.

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