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1/7 — Steve Zissou by Peter Adamyan




From Wicked to Fifty Shades of Grey, fan fiction has shifted from being an online hobby into its own respected art form. Rather than simply building a shrine in your room as fans once did, 21st century groupies have taken their obsessions to the next level. And while some may continue secretly worshipping figures like Wes Anderson, other devoted fans have used their gifted imaginations and created their own manifestations of the directors’ work. Through his wide-angle shots, nostalgic color palette, dry humor and character driven plot, Anderson created an entire new breed of cinematic artistry and formulated his own distinct aesthetic. But aside from crafting some of the most cultish films of the 21st century, and inspiring his own video game, the director has also galvanized an entire art show dedicated to his characters and motifs.

Five years ago, the Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco first began hosting Bad Dads, an annual exhibition of Anderson inspired artwork. Now in its 6th year, the show is moving to New York, home of Anderson’s classic film The Royal Tenenbaums. The pop up exhibit, Bad Dads XI, will run from August 7th – August 9th at the Joseph Gross Gallery in Chelsea and display the artwork of over 75 artists from all over the globe.

So if you happen to be in the angsty Tenenbaum stomping ground any time soon, be sure to stop by. With over 40,000 attendees on Facebook, you can be sure that this is an event you won’t want to miss.

For more on the exhibit, go here.

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