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About Last Night: Flip Out Over Rag & Bone's Parkour

There are untold numbers of warehouses full of clothing around New York during Men’s Fashion Week, but few were as electric as the industrial space that housed the presentation for Rag and Bone SS16 mens last night. Scores of guests fresh out of runway shows gathered round a four-piece stage holding the house’s new collection, one that maintains their now trademark tactility, durability, and sleek dichromaticism.

But the real star of the show was the collection’s video presentation, the method in which the house has decided to premiere their up and coming garments for the past several seasons. The film was directed by Georgie Greville of Legs Media, who also helmed the house’s previous FW15 collection film. It continues in the vein of their former collaborations by creating a piece of fashion cinema that is pure kinetic energy, grabbing the attention of everyone in the room with its high-octane flurry of models parkour-ing around abandoned subway stations and Brooklyn rooftops.

Though this collection maintains the element of athletic sleekness that has been present since the label’s founding in 2002, it veered in several directions that felt like unfamiliar territory. The striped ivory shirts left a distinct flavor of baseball to their outerwear, while many of the pieces were accentuated with netted tank-tops and undergarments. Each outfit was paired with high-top sneakers, putting the focus on the movement and ease of wear that dictated the entire collection.

It’s a testament to both the clothing on display and the sheer velocity of the video presentation that the party remained filled to the brim for the duration of the event. The film played repeatedly, but each viewing dropped the party to a standstill. Guests stared open mouthed in awe at the slickness on display, even if it was the fourth time they had seen it. If that isn’t the mark of a phenomenal collection, we’re not sure what is.

Photography by Carlos Santolalla

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