Grace Jones & Iggy Pop to star in Silent Film

Ironically enough, a lot of people are talking about silent film. The genre has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity since The Artist won the Academy Award for Best Picture back in 2011 — the first silent film to do so since 1929. Earlier this year, The Tribe wowed audiences during its festival run. For the most part, big names have shied away from the genre, but one film may change that. Come this fall, Iggy Pop and Grace Jones will star in Gutterdämmerung, which might just be the most star-studded silent film of all time.

Directed by Swedish artist Bjorn Tagemose, the film follows Iggy Pop as he attempts to save the world after God takes away rock music. With Jones as “the only person capable of controlling all the testosterone of all the no good rock ‘n’ rollers” and Henry Rollins as the wise priest, this film is sure to be a wild and weird spectacle.

The initial screenings will be scored by a live rock band and audience members will be required to stand in attempt to give the film more of a concert-feel. Tagemose also reported that there are 12 rock stars starring in the film whose names will be revealed as the premiere nears. So far, no release date has been announced.

Gutterdämmerung has already been billed as the “loudest silent film on Earth,” whatever that means. But the unlikely casting of such outspoken public figures in a silent film already has people talking.

Read our interview with director of The Tribe here.

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