At Last! Gorillaz and Alice Glass Make a Comeback

Music fans of the world, rejoice! The Gorillaz are cooking up a new studio album and Alice Glass, the former Crystal Castles vocalist, just dropped her first solo track since bidding the band adieu last year. So pop in your earbuds and brace your neck for some major thrashing!

Damon Albarn, the British songster behind Gorrillaz as well as indie bands Blur and The Good, the Bad, and the Queen, announced that he would bring the devious quartet back to life within the next few months. “I’m starting recording in September for a new Gorillaz record," Albarn said in an interview with 7.30. This album will be the animated band’s first full-length record since 2010. In the words of 2D, the lead singer of the cartoon ensemble, ‘it’s taken them far too long,’ but to be fair Albarn has been hard at work. Earlier this month, he played a five-hour set in Denmark and was literally dragged off stage when he refused to stop performing. The album will be released sometime in 2016, so all we can do now is hope that tomorrow comes today.

If you can’t wait until el mañana for some new tunes, click on over to SoundCloud to checkout Alice Glass’ new single, ‘Stillbirth.’ Last month she teased her Twitter followers with hints about her new material and has finally delivered. The song contrasts her famous soprano vocals with a barrage of industrial instrumentals and the result is an intensely emotional track that doesn’t let up for a minute. ‘Stillbirth’ deals with an abusive relationship that Glass was a part of when she was a teen. When the song hits iTunes she intends to donate all of the revenue to nonprofits that aid victims of domestic violence. Besides kickstarting her solo career, Glass was spotted in the Alexander Wang’s Fall 2015 Campaign proving that she can be just as fierce in the fashion industry as she is in the studio.

Keep up with the Gorillaz here and Alice Glass here

Photo of Alice Glass by James Orlando

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