The First Robo-Operated Hotel Is Here!

The future is real, and it’s creepier than we could have ever imagined. This morning, the city of Sasebo, Japan opened the world’s first robotically operated hotel, brimming with the zaniest of employees. Run by Japanese businessman Hideo Sawada, the Henn-na (which literally translates to ‘Strange Hotel’) utilizes Jurassic Park-esque dinosaur receptionists, robot bellhops, and a humanoid concierge, taking the whole e-check in thing to a whole new realm.

Apparently, the designers intended to robo-fy the hotel as a means to save labor costs, but later decided to work towards building the most technologically efficient robo-commodation possible. At a bargain price of $80 a night, the bionic inn uses facial recognition instead of electronic keys by scanning the guests’ faces upon check-in.

Inside the room, a pink bot named Tuly works like a built in Siri to give you the weather, time and switch the lights on and off as you please. Furthermore, drones operate as room service, flying in beverages and snacks on demand and engineers are working to develop the technology to make the drones perform for guests — lap dances anyone? But despite these robo-tastic amenities, the drones are still not technologically equipped to make your beds, so you may still have to call mom for that one.

It appears that human interactions are so last year. Besides, what good are people anyway when you can hang with a freaky life-like dinosaur instead? Technology is truly taking over, but if that means getting food delivered via drone, we certainly don’t mind.

Photos by Getty + Associated Press

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