Twin Peaks Diner + Our Top 5 Themed Restaurants to Check Out

The Twin Peaks restaurant may look authentic, but how good is their coffee? Spoiler alert: it's damn good coffee.
Bar Luce, photo courtesy of Fondazoine Prada
Friends Cafe, photo by Jamie Fullerton
Action Burger, photo from their Facebook page
Alice's Tea Cup, photo by Jee
Hello Kitty Dreams Restaurant, photo by Nicole Pang

David Lynch’s cult classic Twin Peaks has been revived and fans are itching to get a sneak peak. Unfortunately we’re forced to wait until 2016 for new episodes. Fear not, there’s plenty to bide our time with now that a Twin Peaks themed pop-up dinner experience, named The Owls Are Not What They Seem, is opening in London as an immersive theater. Much like the show itself, the event is shrouded in mystery (fans will only know the location of the event once they buy tickets). Some of our readers may not be able to wait for the August 27th launch date, so we’ve courteously curated our list of the Top 5 Themed Restaurants to Check Out in the meantime.

Bar Luce in Milan

Obviously we need to talk about the cafe Bar Luce that Wes Anderson personally designed himself. The bar, located in Milan’s Fondazoine Prada building, opened in May and is exactly the cafe we’d want to eat lunch, smoke cigarettes, and question our existence in. With the quintessential Andersonian palette of pastels and sepia tones, you’ll know exactly what Margot Tenenbaum felt like working on her plays. Not to mention, the cafe also features pinball machines based on The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and Castello Cavalcanti, the director’s short film.

Friends Cafe in Beijing

Who could forget the awesome pop up Central Perk that opened in SoHo last year in honor of one of the most popular sitcoms of all time? Moment of silence all of the people who were devastated when it closed up before before they could chill on that iconic orange couch. Well, with a quick trip to Beijing, you can get your second chance at the Chaowai SoHo Mall’s Friends Cafe. It nails every detail, from the orange couch to a friendly little ‘smelly cat’ that hangs around with patrons all day.

Action Burger in Brooklyn

Feeling a little pulpy? Check out Action Burger, the comic book themed burger joint that keeps everyone feeling super. With a choice of ‘Villain Food’ (red meat options) or ‘Super Food’ (poultry/veggie options) and in your face blue and yellow walls, the restaurant is bumping the kitsch factor to the max. Plus, there’s over 350 arcade games in the back. Consider taking a break from fighting crime to kick it with your sidekicks here.

Alice’s Tea Cup in NYC

If you’ve ever wondered what cafe would be best for tripping balls, look no further. For the days when the real world is just too much, there’s Alice’s Tea Cup, a cafe that hams up the Wonderland feel. You really feel like you’re shrinking with their giant teacups and pastries (some of which of course have ‘eat me’ piped on them). The kettles, dishes and cups that end up covering your table really make you feel like you’re sitting with the Mad Hatter himself. The only thing the spot is missing is a hookah lounge, and maybe a Cheshire cat or two. If you’re on the other side of the world, Alice in Magic Land in Tokyo also knows how to bring the word ‘novelty’ to a new level.

Hello Kitty Dreams Restaurant in Sanlitun Village

You’ll be able to see this restaurant from far in the distance. Hello Kitty Dreams Restaurant looks exactly as it sounds: pink, pink, pink. After being greeted by girls in pink maid outfits, you’ll get to enter the establishment that flaunts images and merch from the iconic kitty’s brand all over its walls. For lovers of all that is cute, cuddly and… well, pink, this will probably be your actual dream restaurant.

Get your tickets to The Owls Are Not What They Seems here

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