Backstreet Boys & 'NSync Are Teaming Up for Zombie Flick

20 years ago, a war was waged, it may not be in history books but you know this one. The goal: reign supreme as best boyband of the late-90s. The contenders: The Backstreet Boys and ‘NSync. Today they have put their differences aside and joined forces to kick some zombie ass in the post-apocalyptic film, Dead 7.

The flick is being produced by the SyFy franchise, the same studio behind the Sharknado phenomenon. Dead 7 will feature a gang of tattered gunslingers fighting off a zombie scourge that has gripped the world. "It’s a zombie Western futuristic horror movie," said Backstreet Boy Nick Carter in an interview with Rolling Stone. "My character is still being worked out right now, but I’m a good guy that’s going to help save the day." He will be starring in the film as well as co-writing it.

Carter will be joined by a roster of 90s pop stars including fellow Backstreet Boys Howie Dorought and A.J. McLean, and former ‘Nsync member Joey Fatone, who will play the drunkard of the group. And that’s just it for now, Carter said that he wants the show to be "musically based" and is thinking about reaching out to Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block. Unfortunately, those hoping that Justin Timberlake will revive his acting career for this film will be disappointed. "I’m the only ‘Nsync-er as of now, but you never know," Fatone told Rolling Stone. We’ll be crying a river until it happens.

You know the 90s revival is underway when they’re making a movie about bringing it back to life. The film is scheduled to to air 2016 on the SyFy channel, so we’ll have to wait a few more months before we can watch the boys tell some zombies bye-bye-bye. It’s a long time to wait, but we can’t change it, even if we want it that way.

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