Stephen Hawking Supports $100M Search for Aliens

If Stephen Hawking could be known for just one thing, it would most likely be his miraculous ability to consistently prove everyone wrong. From outliving all doctors’ expectations to discovering his numerous scientific breakthroughs, his next endeavor may shock mankind again, as he has done so many times. The acclaimed physicist recently revealed his support of Russian Billionaire’s Yuri Milner $100 million project to discover extraterrestrial life. So, get ready ladies and gents, there may be a new species in town and it might be a little spacey.

The organization behind the endeavor, Breakthrough Initiatives is scheduled to use two of the world’s biggest telescopes, in West Virginia and Australia. The telescopes are a whopping 50 times more sensitive and will show 10 times more sky than previously conducted explorations, giving scientists a better look at the Milky Way galaxy.

According to Hawking, the existence of aliens is not just a topic for films, but is an increasingly pressing issue. He explains, “In an infinite universe there must be other occurrences of life, or do our lights wander a lifeless universe? Either way, there is no bigger question.”

After the researchers analyze their findings, they will make the data available to the public, so we too can stay connected with the ongoings of our galaxy.

The search is set to last 10 years, and who knows what they’ll find. We’re just hoping that if aliens do exist, they’ll be as cute and cuddly as everyone’s favorite martian E.T.

Check out Breakthrough Initiatives here

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