You Can Pay in Blood to See Wu Tang in Transylvania

Wu Tang will bring the blood, sweat, and swag to Transylvania for Untold Festival.
Even OG Vamp Babe Nosferatu is interested despite not having any blood in his body.
Using your best vampire voice, please read this out loud: "I want to draw your blooood."

Vampire blood ain’t nuttin ta fuck wit. Deep in the forests of Transylvania, Untold Festival is out for blood—donations, that is. If you happen to be in the country on a vision quest to find Nosferatu and have a weakness for classic hip-hop groups, we have good news. Rather than paying an arm and a leg for a ticket to the festival, you can donate your blood instead to see the New York natives Wu Tang Clan.

Untold is offering a 30% ticket discount to anyone who donates blood in Romania until July 24, and is giving away free one-day tickets to anyone who gives blood at a mobile unit in Bucharest. Yo, you best protect ya neck and hold out your arm. Gay or straight, Romania wants to suck your blood (out of tubes and into bags to save lives). Suck it, American FDA blood bans.

This may all sound like a brilliant marketing ploy for a spooky Romanian music festival taking place in the heart of Transylvania’s woods—and it is. That isn’t all though. The #RealTalk is that Romania ranks as the second worst country in Europe for active blood donations, with only 1.7 per cent of the population getting involved and mainly only after people known to them need a transfusion. This is bringing a much needed boost to the struggling blood banks across the country and will certainly lead to a rise in Wu Tang album sales in Romania.

Untold Festival runs from July 30 to August 2 and is accepting blood donations until July 24. For more information on ticketing and performers, you can check out their website.

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